Benjamin’s genius lies in how clearly he communicates his teachings and ideas.  His innovative workshops and sessions are thoughtful, intelligent and fortified with history that will such bring incredible depth to your work and practice.  You’re left with concepts that stay with you long after the workshop is over.  He does this with infinite enthusiasm and humility ~ the kind of generous spirit that truly connects people to the work and therefore, to each other.

Karen Ellis

“The Immersion with Benjamin was total comprehensive experience. Learning repertoire is essential but understanding the purpose behind the method and using this method as it was intended will give you lifetime results in your body and mind. New or veteran movement teachers alike would benefit from Benjamin’s organized presentation of the historical relevance of the traditional Pilates work. The written assignments and teaching drills had the most profound effect on the way I teach today. Thank you Benjamin for teaching me the art of asking WHY.”

Yvette Casal