Benjamin Degenhardt created 360° Pilates to bring Joe Pilates’ original method of physical culture to life today. This immersive program stands out in the current landscape of Pilates education for its consolidation of the traditional method with a modern understanding of movement, health and fitness training.

360° Pilates is suitable for teachers and advanced students alike. The syllabus unfolds over the course of six months, in three training levels—each one a 4-day immersion into the original exercise repertoire and philosophy:


Assessment and conditioning
• Contrology: History & Philosophy
• The Universal Reformer
• The Mat


Corrective exercise strategies
• Movement mechanics and motor learning
• The Cadillac
• The Chairs and Barrels


The Pilates System
• Teaching and programming skills
• Advanced progressions on all apparatus
• Head to toes—additional apparatus

The traditional Pilates method is a systematic approach to movement training that follows an inherent logic different from the beginner / intermediate / advanced exercise protocols commonly taught in training programs today. Each exercise and each piece of apparatus is a tool that, if understood and used correctly, directly serves to improve motor control, physical fitness, and overall health.

360° Pilates honors Joe Pilates’ original ideas about movement training and decodes the assessment, conditioning, and corrective elements that are readily built into the work.

Under this premise, and utilizing online learning methods to enhance the process, all immersion hours go straight to the heart of a successful Pilates practice. 360° Pilates cultivates skilled practitioners who can critically think on the spot and effectively guide their body’s learning curve.

Long story short—you can learn Pilates anywhere. But if you are serious about understanding the traditional work, 360° Pilates is made for you.


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How is the program structured and how long does it take?

The program utilizes an online learning platform to provide materials and worksheets to be used in preparation for the seminars, as well as for homework assignments between seminars. Depending on location, the program takes approximately 6 months to complete, with the option to test out at the end. Click the graphic to visualize the structure of the program.  

Is 360° Pilates a teacher training program?

Yes. And no. But yes.

360° Pilates works like a language immersion. For the duration of the course, participants live and breathe the work and engage with it in a hybrid of live training and online learning. The program serves primarily to allow practitioners—teachers and students alike—to fully understand and embrace the traditional Pilates method and its underlying concepts.

It is suitable for trained teachers who wish to grow in their professional development and/or obtain continuing education credits, as well as advanced students of the work who wish to fully understand this extraordinary method. A student of the Pilates method ultimately teaches oneself—and should possess the same knowledge of a trained teacher. 

Upon successful completion of the program, trainees become eligible to become a 360° Pilates teacher. For trained professionals, this involves a test-out assignment. For teachers-to-be, this requires a 450-hour apprenticeship (on-site) with a 360° Pilates-trained tutor, additional online course materials, and a test-out assignment.

To learn more, apply and set up a time to discuss the details in person!

Who teaches the program?

All 360° Pilates live seminars (and webinars) will be taught by Benjamin Degenhardt. In between seminars, 360° Pilates provides trained tutors on-site for weekly study group meetings and semiprivate instruction. These tutors are senior level Pilates teachers who will bring the learned material to life.

Can levels be taken individually?

The levels are designed to be taken together and in order, but can be taken individually as continuing education coursework. An assessment interview is necessary to access levels II or III without prior completion of level I.

What is the cost of the program?

Tuition for the full program is $3,000. Early registration discounts and payment plans are available.

Tuition for Teacher Training (which includes the full program, weekly study group meetings and sessions with a 360° Pilates tutor) is $4,400. Early registration discounts, payment plans, and work-study scholarships are available.

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I'd like to see a video from the exercise library.

Well, here you go! The entire traditional syllabus is captured from a teachers-eye-view and multiple angles to showcase movements the way they look in real life. Here is Footwork on the Reformer as an example.

The video looks great! Can I access the videos without taking the program?

Sorry… that’s a no.

The videos are study tools specific to the program and will, for the time being, remain exclusively available to trainees actively enrolled in 360° Pilates.

Where can I take the program?

Look no further – see below! And for the full event calendar including workshops and conferences, click here




Moving Pilates
Wormser Strasse 22
50677 Cologne, Germany

Level I: May 5-8, 2016
Level II: Jun 30 – Jul 3, 2016 
Level III: Oct 6-9, 2016


Evolve Pilates
106 1st Street
Los Altos, CA 94022

Level I: Sep 15-18, 2016
Level II: Nov 10-13, 2016
Level III: Jan 19-22, 2017


Form Pilates
108 East 16th Street
New York, NY 10003

Level I: Sep 22-25, 2016
Level II: Nov 17-20, 2016
Level III: Jan 26-29, 2017