Hi, I’m Benjamin. I’m a movement teacher, a teacher of teachers, and the founder of 360° Pilates. I currently call New York City home, but frequently find myself on the road, presenting my work at training facilities and conferences around the globe. Quite literally, I’m always on the move!

Profoundly fascinated with the human body and movement, my work is focused on inspiring people to take care of their physical fitness and health and to move well every day. I believe the original Pilates method is an excellent way to do this! Absence of movement equals standstill of life. Establishing an ongoing movement practice goes far beyond mere gym and workout routines; it is rather a way of life, and a return to human nature.

In my work as an educator, I am passionate about getting fellow professionals unstuck in their teaching, by elevating their understanding of the Pilates method and sharpening their critical thinking skills. I draw constant inspiration from the teachings of physical culture pioneer Joseph Pilates, as well as my involvement in fitness education for over 15 years, my extensive background in dance, and my ongoing studies with a diverse group of experts in the movement field.

For more information about my background and credentials, you can access my detailed bio here

Yours in health and happiness,






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