Hi, I’m Benjamin. I’m a movement teacher, a teacher of teachers, and the founder of 360° Pilates. I currently call New York City home, but frequently find myself on the road, presenting my work at training facilities and conferences around the globe. Quite literally, I’m always on the move!

Profoundly fascinated with the human body and movement, my work is focused on inspiring Pilates professionals embrace the unique nature of the work and become powerful messengers of physical fitness and health.

I am passionate about getting fellow professionals unstuck in their teaching, elevating their understanding of the Pilates method and sharpening their critical thinking skills. I draw constant inspiration from the teachings of physical culture pioneer Joseph Pilates, as well as my involvement in fitness education for over 15 years, my extensive background in dance, and my ongoing studies with a diverse group of experts in the movement field.

For more information about my background and credentials, read on.

Yours in health and happiness,






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Benjamin Degenhardt is an acclaimed Pilates teacher and presenter, and is the creator of 360° Pilates, an immersive education program that combines live and online learning to bring the work of physical culture pioneer Joseph Pilates to life today.

Benjamin presents his work at some of the largest conferences and training facilities around the world and is the mastermind behind MarchMATness—an annual social media campaign to celebrate shared passion in the Pilates community and to raise awareness and excitement for the traditional Pilates Mat work.

Pilates background

Benjamin began studying the Pilates method in 1998. His training took several turns from classical to contemporary Pilates—and back again. Benjamin completed teacher training programs at the Kane School of Core Integration, Halfmoon Pilates and the Equinox Pilates Institute, and holds the Pilates Method Alliance certification.

His perspective on the method is largely informed by his curiosity about the origins of the work. Benjamin has researched Joseph Pilates’ thought-process in the development of Contrology and formulated a perspective on Pilates teaching that honors the original concepts, writings, and intentions.

Work experience

Beginning to teach Pilates full-time in 2007, Benjamin worked for Equinox Fitness and maintained status as a top-tier and top-producing instructor within the company’s nationwide Pilates program for several years. Additionally, he taught at prestigious Pilates studios in New York City including Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates. In 2012 he joined the faculty of the Equinox Pilates Institute as a Lead Teacher Trainer and conducted the company’s first comprehensive Teacher Training programs offered in New York City and Boston. He has since established himself as a teacher of teachers in his own right and works as an independent Pilates teacher and educator.

Other Credentials/Certifications

Benjamin holds a variety of credentials and has studied with a diverse group of experts in the movement field (including Andreo Spina, Gray Cook, Kathy Dooley, Perry Nickelston, Mike Fitch, and Lynn Simonson).

Functional Range Conditioning
• Functional Movement Screen
Fascial Movement Taping / Rocktape
TRX Suspension Training
Animal Flow / Global Bodyweight Training
Simonson Technique Teacher

Accomplishments / Accolades

Benjamin has presented his work at conferences of all scales, regularly films classes for online education and has been featured on various media outlets. Most recently, he appeared in the documentary film Joseph Pilates Tribute.


• IDEA World Convention
• Pilates Method Alliance Annual Meeting
• Classical Pilates São Paulo
• Classical Pilates Convention Pisa

Online Classes

Pilates Anytime
Pilates on Demand

Press / Publications

Moving Well Podcast (2017)
• Pilates Unfiltered (2016)
Mahabis Journal (2016)
Pilates Style Magazine (2015)
Pilates Teaches Longevity (2014)

Contact Information

For teaching and speaking engagements, inquiries, quotes, and interviews please contact: