9 Oct 2011

Honoring Joseph Pilates’ life

Today marks the anniversary of the day Joseph Pilates passed away.

There are many legends surrounding his death, but it seems that his death was the result of respiratory failure – due to the exposure to smoke inhalation during a fire in the building where he worked and lived, as well as years of smoking cigars. Ironically, despite his emphasis on proper breathing and improvement of lung efficiency, in reality he suffered from lung emphysema.

His obituaries read like an advertisement for his methods (the one to the left appeared in the New York Times on October 10, 1967).

Sadly, Joseph never got to see the widespread adoption of his methods. His vision was for Contrology to be taught and practiced in schools all throughout the US. If only he knew that it didn’t take much longer for his work to be practiced worldwide.

“Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor.” J. Pilates

Thank you Joseph Pilates for your patience and persistence, and for the incredible body of work you have left behind!