25 May 2013

Out of the Studio – Into our Bodies

It’s no secret that daily movement is important for our health and well-being. Every day new insights and research reveal new reasons for us to establish a regular movement practice: to improve our physical and mental health, agility, concentration, performance, and much more. In short, life is happier and healthier if we move well and often. Even though the scientific back-up may not have existed back in the day, this was no secret to Joseph Pilates, founder of the Pilates method, either.

In 1961 he said: “One of the wonders of the world is that people give their wonderful, complex bodies less consideration than they show their automobiles. Cars can be replaced but your body is the only one you’ll have. Yet not one person in a thousand takes the time each day to see that it is properly exercised.”

He further says: “If a person learns to devote a few minutes every morning and evening to the right exercises and proper breathing, he’ll have fewer illnesses and greater vitality.”

Heart + Soul
A few minutes every morning and evening, every day. While it sounds incredibly simple, and easily doable, most people still think of a movement practice as something that only happens during designated hours, at designated venues, possibly with expensive guidance.

Did we turn movement (and Pilates in particular) into something so precious and complex that it can only happen within the gym and studio walls, under the watch of somebody else?

And, do we consider it pointless to start moving well and consciously for anything less than an hour?

What if instead we restructured our fitness regiment to include 10-15 minutes of constructive, conscious, intelligent movement, morning and night, every single day?