9 Dec 2011

Pilates’ original marketing brochure

Back in Joe Pilates’ days, long before internet marketing and social media, the only way to effectively market oneself besides “word of mouth” was having a solid strategy with the print media. In addition to appearing in physical culture magazines, newspaper articles, and ads, Joe’s marketing collateral included business cards, pamphlets, and an 8-page brochure titled the “Pilates Universal Method – Balance of Body and Mind”.

In this brochure, Joseph shares some bold statements, full of passion, conviction, and a slight hint of egomania. His words showcase that the philosophies around his work went well beyond mere movement practices. His method was a journey into self improvement, inside and out. But see for yourself:

“The World Needs Noble and Healthy, Attractive Men and Women…

THERE IS a big opportunity awaiting those who can qualify.

WHY NOT aim for the highest – and not be satisfied with mediocrity.

A STRONG WILL is necessary to control others, but a still stronger one to control yourself.

TO ATTAIN this strong will it is important for you to develop your body, as it is to develop your mind.

THERE IS A PLACE for you in the world – take it and fill it like a man or woman.

LOOK AT YOURSELF in the glass: are you only a shadow of the man or woman, God patterned us after?

LET US help you to correct and develop your body, that you may become a man or woman, who will be looked up to instead of down upon.

KEEP THIS ever before your mind: what you are looking for is results – and you certainly can get them, when you believe in us.

YOU CAN do the greatest things in life, the same as any one else can do.

MUCH OF your success in life depends in your appearance of health and power.

YOU HAVE to develop yourself scientifically, to acquire an attractive personality.

A GREAT DRAWBACK to young men or women, seeking advancement in the business world, is their carelessness in regard to their physical appearance.

WITH DROOPING SHOULDERS, hanging heads, weak heart and lungs in a flat, undeveloped chest, with flat-feet, bow-legs, knock-knees – or with a body – too thin or too fat, you can never be as successful as you should be.

WHY NOT LET US teach you to correct these faults?

CORPORATIONS AE PAYING more attention to physical appearance than ever before.

EMPLOYERS WANT employees who take pride in themselves – and have enough self-respect to take proper care of their bodies and keep them in good, healthy condition – attractive.

AFTER YOU ONCE realize the important part your physical appearance plays throughout your life, you should make up your mind at once to start.

COME TO US with your troubles and let us find the proper treatment for you.

BE SURE that you do not waste time, effort and money: take a trial-lesson first, which gives you the opportunity to investigate our “METHOD.”

A TRIAL LESSON will convince you whether you are in a poor condition or not, and the result right from the start will show you, what we can do for you in three, six or twelve months.

WE MAKE YOU OVER entirely, inside and out; not in words – in actions.

COME AND SEE US – if you are in earnest; otherwise keep on being slouchy and unattractive, a “MR. NOBODY.”

YOU CANNOT MAKE yourself strong, healthy and attractive or magnetic by reading all the books in the world on this subject – or using all the electrical, mechanical apparatuses, vibrators, etc.

NO MAN – NO MACHINE can correct or create vitality, power or health for you; everything comes from within, you have to unfold it.

YOU NEVER KNOW what you can do, until something spurs you to achievement.


THE RULES for developing your physical and mental power are many.

WHAT YOU NEED is somebody to make you follow these rules.

THAT IS OUR WORK, we make you do the right and natural things.

MIND THE PHYSICAL BODY represents a power-plant; your success in life depends upon your ability to handle this power-plant in the right way.

WE TEACH YOU through our simple method, (balance of body and mind) which is our own invention, (nothing copied) how to do it.

WE INCREASE YOUR ABILITY gradually, systematically, daily.

THE HARDER YOU work, the better you feel – and the more successful you will be.

FOLLOW OUR ADVICE; we tell you only the truth – and we prove it through results.

ONLY THE RIGHT THINGS and the true are worth while.

BE DETERMINED that you are going to correct your faults – and do something better than you have ever done before.

LET YOUR WHOLE MANNER denote action.

COME AND SEE US; make a firm resolution to start with us TODAY – and you will find, that it pays.

LET US TEACH YOU something that will last all your life.

JOIN THE “PILATES” MOVEMENT of scientific, individual, correcting and developing the balance of body and mind; be a “PIONEER” of perfect, natural health.

YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS thousands of noble, healthy, attractive men and women in the future.


You can enroll for a 3 or 6 months course. First you have to take a Trial-Lesson. After the trial-lesson, which is an examination, you will be convinced, that we get results in the promised time. The Lessons are given three times a week by appointment and one hour’s work is necessary.

Not less than three months can be taken.

For nervous-break-down, or cases of heart-diseases, and run down condition it is best that you ask your doctor to investigate our method.”

What do you think?

You will find this incredible piece of memorabilia hidden in the original edition of ‘Return To Life’ at the Library of Performing Arts in New York City. Additionally, you can find scans of the brochure on the website of Rebecca Leone.