The Team

Benjamin Degenhardt

Benjamin Degenhardt is the founder of 360° Pilates, which he carefully developed based on his research of the original Pilates method. When he is not in a Twist on the Reformer, he most likely is either teaching it to someone or breaking it down during a 360° Pilates seminar.

Benny Olk
Program Assistant

Benny Olk has assisted Benjamin since 2015. He is the nimble body that demonstrates during workshops and the friendly face in charge of communications. When he is not getting ready for Teaser on the Long Box, he is probably rehearsing or performing somewhere on the dance stages of the world.

Joana Matos
Video Catalogue / Metrics

Joana Matos not only knows the Pilates method in and out, she catalogued the 360° Pilates syllabus on the online platform and for our upcoming Pilates Metrics app. When she is not taking flight in Swan on the Barrel, she is most likely to be found wherever there is good music and dance.

Photography: Christina Brown