360° Pilates is based on research of Joe Pilates’ original thought-process and highlights his philosophies, concepts and intentions.

While the Pilates method doesn’t need innovation, 360° Pilates is innovative in its approach to education: an exclusive video library integrates with workbooks and homework that bring the material to life well beyond the seminars. Over 400 exercises can be studied from multiple angles in streaming HD.


360° Pilates is an immersion into the traditional Pilates method that combines live and online learning. Participants get to learn the concepts of Joe Pilates’ original work and experience the physical transformation that comes with it.

It’s a program for discerning professionals who wish to become fluent in the traditional Pilates method. Whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of the work in a profound and unique way, or just fully immerse yourself in the practice—360° Pilates was made for you.


It’s true, you can’t learn Pilates online. But, you can learn a whole lot about it online. 360° Pilates separates what is best learned in a live seminar setting from what is best explored in a self-paced manner. Combine the two and you will, in fact, learn more!

Enroll in this unique education opportunity to discover Pilates anew and to bring this incredible work to life for yourself and your students.

Learn more about how the program works in the video above.


Pilates is more than a list of movements, and more than a number of muscles exercised—it’s a philosophy of physical culture that is as relevant today as it was at the method’s time of conception.

Whichever style of Pilates you currently practice or teach—there is tons to be learned from looking at this work both through the lens of its original intentions and the perspective of modern movement training principles.