Benjamin Degenhardt has dedicated himself to a multitude of interests in his professional life: from performance artist to Pilates educator, and from digital nomad to digital coach.

He has been involved in the world of movement and Pilates education for over 20 years and is sought after as an educator and conference speaker.

Benjamin has refined his perspective on Pilates by synthesizing historical research on Joseph Pilates’ thought process with a modern understanding of movement, health and fitness training.

He is the founder of 360° Pilates, a digital resource and education platform for the original Pilates method based on his extensive research of Pilates history. 

He is also the creator of March MATness, an annual and worldwide social media campaign that celebrates the Mat work throughout the month of March.

As a consultant and in partnership with longtime collaborator Jim Saxa, Benjamin helps professionals and business owners become digitally literate and build successful online businesses.

Picture credit: Pilates Anytime
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