I'm a mover, global nomad, teacher, presenter, and CEO - all because of Pilates.

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Until we can work together in person again, find out more about my various projects below!

360° Pilates

360° Pilates is "the ultimate book on the Pilates method"... but in digital form. It's a virtual exhibit of the system, an e-learning platform to motivate and inspire professionals and enthusiasts alike in their practice, and a social network for Pilates lovers around the world. In short: it's a digital home I built for Pilates.

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March MATness

In 2013, I posted a series of photographs on Facebook throughout the month of March. In 2014, I invited collaborators to host a Mat-themed blog. Since then, MM has become an unstoppable campaign, uniting the global community of Pilates fans in a synchronized effort to raise awareness for the Mat work.

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Pilates Anytime

If you're looking to take a class or workshop or are interested in tuning into a variety of tutorials on the Pilates method with me, look no further. You can stream over 60 videos of mine (and countless others from esteemed colleagues) anywhere, anytime! Sign up for a 30 day trial with code 360PILATES.

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Upcoming events

Stay tuned for 2022 event announcements shortly!

Fall, 2021

Decoding Pilates Workshop


Fall, 2021

360° Pilates Roundtable


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